Arguably the two largest sources of complexity in front end client applications are application state and application events. Programming with immutable values gives us better tools for managing application state, but what about events?

Callbacks are a weak abstraction for complex event flows. Promises eliminate some incidental complexity but are ill-suited for representing streams or queues. Can we do better?

As usual, everything old is new again. In this webinar, we'll explore how Clojure's core.async brings the power of Tony Hoare's Communicating Sequential Processes to client browsers. We'll start with the basic building blocks and work our way up to a simple but complete interactive application.


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Designing Front End Applications with core.async

About the Presenter:


David Nolen is a curious programmer, musician, and teacher living in Brooklyn. He currently writes Clojure, JavaScript and Ruby for Cognitect. He also helps run the affordable Kitchen Table Coders workshops from a Brooklyn studio. In his free time he contributes to several open source Clojure projects including core.match, core.logic and ClojureScript.

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Presentation Slides - Slides used to introduce the topic, including links to additional resources to learn more. 

Q&A Document - Questions captured during the webinar and their answers.

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