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Clojure is a "robust, practical and fast programming language" whose original design goals were aimed at giving developers "succinctness, flexibility and productivity." 

It turns out that most organizations today are interested in achieving those very goals - as the landscape evolves, they need technologies that help them move faster, respond more effectively, and to take advantage of new architectures and infrastructure. In short, they need simple tools that help them be more agile. 

In this summary of the State of Clojure results, 

we discuss the evidence that Clojure is moving across the chasm from a niche tool used by explorers and hobbyists to becoming a critical part of the commercial development landscape. 


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Justin is a technologist, business guy, writer, and connector. He is focused on harnessing Cognitect's resources in the pursuit of elegant technology.

Justin co-founded Relevance in 2003 with Stuart Halloway, and subsequently became a co-founder of Cognitect in 2013 when it was formed via the merger of Relevance and Rich Hickey's Metadata Partners. His focus has been, variously, on development, execution, business development, management, and now on growing Cognitect. He is the co-author of 8 technical books, a long-time speaker and pundit, and a true believer in sustainable capitalism.

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